Who We Are

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus Miracle Church Rescue, as the name implies, we aim to strengthen the ministry of your children and teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We adopt a holistic global approach, Children love Jesus and we want this relationship to be strengthened through energetic prayers, lessons, and bible reading activities.

We build on our many achievements and reaching out for more and more children to help him become mature and grow unbelievably in his faith, as a Human Being and as a member of society by bringing them life and the Gospel book.

Children enjoy learning about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and gaining a biblical perspective that keeping children engaged and teaching them scripture.

Children learn passages from virtually every book of the Bible from both
Old and New Testaments!

Organizations we give books to:
Orphans, Childcare, Teaching Agencies, Christian Schools, Church’s, Boy’s Club, Girl’s Club, Day Care, Children’s Club

Christian books

Why Choose Us

We are a worldwide Christian charitable organization. As we follow Jesus’s example to serve every child that we can.

We are very passionate about the work we do, and we’d love to get involved in making the children’s future better through promoting The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We distribute Christian children’s books to the organization, educate and expose children to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We give Christian books like (bible stories, gospel book, and other Christian children’s stories with many other books) through the years to improve children’s lives everywhere and their literacy.

We are accomplished to gave as many books only with the people like you and through your DONATIONS that helped many children to became religious and could follow the god’s path.

Christian Children

Our Goal

We insist all that invest in the spiritual development of your kids, Children Grow through dynamic Christian bible learning and engaging worship. Don’t lower the bar when teaching children.

Find the best material to teach them well. Our Books have many more Bible-based activities that children love.

They’re carefully designed using proven educational methods and endorsed by Christian educators. Our books are Scripture knowledge, they’re perfect for all Christian Children.

christian education

Our Vision

JMCR Foundation wants to reach every child who are in need to empower them, wants to bring smiles and make them ready for the future.

Through learning Christian education, we want children socially responsible. We also promote educational activities that enhance the learning of children.

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our Mission

There are several ways to change the life of a child. Our Mission is to strengthen children’s literacy through reading.

Give children wisdom & knowledge by given them Christian books.

Encourage and empower people to support and learn the gospel of Jesus Christ to kids as much as possible, it will change the lives of the children dramatically.