Why Bring Children To The Gospel Of
Jesus Christ?

the gospel

In this article, we will talk about the enormous benefits of bringing children to Jesus Christ. As it helps them follow a path of good men or women and the need for children to receive Jesus Christ in their hearts and in their lives. The feeling of acceptance and being loved is something that all human beings long for. Many people never accept the gospel and feel throughout their lives a void that only our Lord Jesus Christ is capable of filling.

A pure and unconditional love taught and understood by the gospel is a guide and the strongest foundation for forming adults with foundations and solid values.

Why is it important for children?

the gospel

There are many books in the world of all kinds and it is well said that the most damaging dagger, the worst poison and the hardest is the ink of a feather in noxious hands.

Now, if a bad book is worse than poison, which is a good book but a carrier of life?

The words read and learned can greatly affect a person, in this way, the words and what we learn from the gospel are words of life and love.

Ask a child who knows the gospel. What is the origin of man? And I’ll answer it. Where is the man going? And he will tell you, how do you get to that place? And it will give you directions. Ask that young man what is the reason he is in this world and what happens after he leaves.

All these are doubts that even many adult men and women will have but that child will have the answer to such profound questions thanks to the knowledge of the gospel and of Jesus Christ.

There is a small book, which is made to learn to children. Read it, it’s the Catechism. In it you will find the solution to all problems without exception.

Ask the Christian where the man is coming from, and he knows it. Where he is going, and he knows it.

How you get there, and you know it. Ask that child why he is in the world and what will be after death, and he will give you the most profound answer, even if he does not understand it at the moment.

Greater fact will explain the destiny of man in this life and in the other, the duties of man to God and to his fellow men. The catholic religion, in the Catechism, does not leave unanswered any of the great questions that interest humanity.

How does it help children approach the gospel?

children worship

The gospel tells us about the destiny of man, the reason for this life and what happens next and what are our duties towards Jesus Christ and our equals.

When we talk about the gospel and how it affects our lives it is possible to describe it as happiness and love.

The gospel is lessons of justice, love, forgiveness, and faith. Always necessary to cope with difficult situations in life and to be grateful when we are able to get ahead and help our neighbors.

How can we initiate the child in the worship of
the gospel?

the gospel

Is it difficult to want something when we have everything, right? It does not mean that it is bad to want things only when we need them, but it is easier to realize how much something means when we do not have it.

Difficult situations are part of life and regardless of the level of sadness, emptiness or disappointment that these can leave us, it is always necessary to overcome them in order to move forward.

The gospel offers the children and all the people to close that cycle, that pain, that anguish and replace it with love, faith, and resignation.

Important moments to present the gospel?

the gospel

Children are always curious by nature and undoubtedly it will be time to ask oneself or others what happened, what caused it, why did it happen? It is important to answer these questions that may or may end in feelings of isolation, anger, hatred or sometimes even feel responsible for what happened.

The gospel will teach Jesus love above all, will accept themselves and will understand that every situation has a motive and is part of a plan

What children should be told about Jesus Christ?

Every child should know about the gospel. Have that feeling of love and faith. Learn about justice and how to treat our neighbors. The words of Jesus are words of life, they are the way to eternal happiness.

Where is a good place to talk about the gospel?

gospel stories

Although it is important to make a difference between where the gospel should be studied and where it is a good place to talk about it, we will touch on both points.

The books are stories, advice, morals and in the case of the gospel, it is a book that shows us the truth and life. As we would not choose a party to give words of encouragement to a friend in a difficult situation or an amusement park to tell our children about what death is, the gospel is a lesson and teaching.

Many times it is difficult for us to give answers to complicated questions that children can ask and this is because we do not really know the answer based on our experience. There is a relationship between a book and its reader.

The reader, or in this case the child, learns and takes the advice and words of the book personally like deep learning.

It is good to understand that although we are adults and can give answers to these questions so complicated for us, bringing a child to read the book of life, the gospel, will help him mature and grow in an incredible way in his faith, as a person and as a member of society.

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