Preparing For Prayer

preparing for prayer

(When preparing for prayer use below prayer to initiate)

From Jesus Psalter, written by Richard Whitford, an English Bridgettine monk, in the sixteenth century.

Jesus, grant me the grace to fix my mind on thee, especially in time of prayer, when I directly converse with thee.

Stop the motions of my wandering head, and the desires of my unstable heart; suppress the power of my spiritual enemies,

who endeavour at that time to draw my mind from heavenly thoughts to many vain imaginations.

So shall I, with joy and gratitude,

look on thee as my deliverer from all the evils

I have escaped, and as my benefactor for all the good i have ever received or can hope for.

I shall see that thou art my only good,

and that all other things are but means ordained by thee to make me fix my mind on thee,

to make me love thee more and more, and, by loving thee, to be eternally happy.

O beloved of my soul, take up all my thoughts here, that my eyes, abstaining from vain and hurtful sights, may become worthy to behold thee face to face

In thy glory forever.