Christian Rapper Jarry Manna Inspired By Jesus

Christian artist Jarry Manna used to be the Darwinist “pothead,” who found the church was fraud in order to get the money from citizens.

Christian Artist

“I was allowing dark things to take over my mind,” he told JamTheHype.

But he also always “thought someone was coming to get me. My soul was open to all kinds of darkness, anything to tamper with my mind. There was something much deeper going on, at the time of thinking of killing myself.”

His brain was controlled by paranoia which is a product of his cannabis addiction.

He remembered a cousin who had a gun. “I was gonna go get his gun and off myself,” he recounted.

But then he remembered his grandmother who is a faithful Christian, he called her.

That day,

Jarry’s insight saved his life and gave him a new path. “She kind of allowed for me to come back to Christ,”
he said.

He came back to the church and stopped rapping. His pastor instructed him to do that.

A Girl born without hands, she’s happy that God made her that way

But his friend Quincy Howard, constantly bringing him back to rap. Because he knew that Jarry was good and didn’t want to see the gift squandered. But when he returned to hip hop, this time it was Christian lyrics.

In 2019,

This christian artist Jarry Manna released two albums, Legends of Lotus Waver 1&2, which blend his love & passion for anime with truth bombs.

“I’ve been giving (my listeners) truths about life and the world and things like that,” he noted

Jarry’s voice is that of a thug, but his music belongs to the Disneyland parade makes him now the hottest fusion food in CHH.

Christian Artist

The music of Jarry is part of CHH’s new wave that has gone beyond preaching and making theologizing into the true Christian experience of minorities in the hood.

His recent work exposes some traumatic biographical details about, for instance, his divorce.

“I’m currently dealing with it,” he said. “It’s tough. There’s a lot of stress.”

However, he has been trying to get away from negative energy. “Nothing is perfect for your life,” 
he acknowledged. 

He’s come a long way since learning to rap on his dad’s computer while he babysat his siblings.

Because he identifies with anime, he feels inspired by the cartoon characters who pull off heroics.

“I don’t know how to say it without feeling arrogant or braggadocios, but sometimes I do feel great,”
says the gifted rapper.

SOURCE: Godreports

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