‘Angels Caught Me and Jesus Loves Me’: Boy Thrown from Mall’s Balcony, Started to Walks Again

The five-year-old boy thrown from mall’s balcony in the Minnesota Mall of America now walks “perfectly” and gives credibility to the angels who took him and to Jesus ‘ love.

On April 12th, Landen was shopping with his mother and friends, when 24-year-old Emmanuel Aranda threw him over a third-story balcony which was about 40 feet.

Boy Thrown from Mall’s Balcony

“He came home with his limp and uneven legs, a twice fractured femur, an open wound on his abdominal, and many appointments and medications to follow It was a very unusual experience” the family stated.

He had several physical therapies to work on his walk.
His mom did all she could to heal his injuries quickly and try to get away with some of his medications.

Eventually, he suffered from broken arms and legs in a critical condition. Significantly,
The MRI showed that and given the doctors’ assumption that he had suffered head trauma and no brain damage.

Since that day,

The whole family had difficulty returning normal and frustrated how long it will take to heal and
thanked God for surviving Landen.

After some days,

Landen’s condition started to improve, now he can walk perfectly.
The wound on the abdomen was gradually scabbing over, and new skin started to flourish.

He loves going back to school and going to kindergarten together with his twin brother and sister in the same school.

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On November 22,

Post said,
“Every morning he gets out of the car and blow kisses. he’s a kind-hearted, strong and happy boy.”

“When his mother asks him, how he’s doing, he always says
“Mom, I’m cured now, you no longer have to ask me anymore.” Landen loves life and Jesus!”

Landen tells people whenever they get hurt,
“Don’t worry, I fell off a cliff, but Angels rescued me and Jesus loves me, so I’m all right and will be too!”

Boy Thrown from Mall’s Balcony

In addition, Landen’s health,

His family demands continuous prayers for the next doctor’s appointments in December.

Landen’s path to recovery is not over, but his family is appreciative of the support and encouragement as they overcoming the obstacles ahead.

The family is happy to see so many people watching Landen’s progress and accepting his never-ending prayers.

They posted,

“Landen knows that people from everywhere pray for him, and he loves every card that he continues to get in the mail. His entire family feels love and are so thankful for the people like you who take such great care of others!”



Emmanuel Aranda, the day he was going to the mall for “seeking someone to kill”.
He picked Landen randomly. He was arrested by the police and by the public in that same hour.

In June,

Landen’s parents didn’t attend the hearing but told that, they forgive him and will keep praying for him.

Emmanuel was imprisoned for 19 years in jail.

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