Activate Your Healing through Christ’s Healing Power

The True Healer is Jesus Christ, and he has the plan for you to make your life easier by bringing healing power.

Even he also heals today through his people who trust in his word.
He cured all sorts of people
, such as the blind, the paralyzed, deaf, lame, leper, fever-treated and many with chronic diseases.

There is no proof in the gospel of Jesus turns away from anyone who came to him for healing.

The remarkable fact is miraculous healing still takes place today and evidence that God is our savior and present within our lives.

Jesus’ Healing Power

healing power

The miraculous healing Act 9:32–35 associates Peter’s interaction with a man called Aeneas. He was paralyzed and in a helpless, deplorable state. Possibly the doctors of his day had done all they could for him.

But when something impossible with men, there is possible with god.

Aeneas had been bedridden for about eight years without any hope of improving. Life passed him by day after day, he watched people do things that he was hoping to do.

He might even have struggled against bitterness because of his lot in life.

We don’t know why Aeneas had this problem. Maybe he was in an accident. Or he could have suffered a violent crime.

Whatever happened to Aeneas does not tell us in the Bible. It only means he was in a state of helplessness, as he laid on that bed for eight years.

Regardless of what happened, his situation reminds us that so many people are today in a helpless position. This tells us how much the whole humankind wants God’s help.

Over the years, we know that medical science has progressed a lot, but many problems remain that they cannot cure.

Thank God for what man can do, but we have to look beyond man’s understanding.

“He discovered there a man named Aeneas, who had been paralyzed and sick for eight years.’ Aeneas,’ Peter said to him, ‘Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and roll your pad.’ Aeneas got up immediately.”

I want you to notice When Peter proclaimed himself trusty and brave, “Jesus Christ heals you.” 

He had been traveling around the country ministering when he came to the city of Lydda, located about 25 miles northwest of Jerusalem.

There he found this man, Aeneas, in such a terrible condition, and Peter declared, “Jesus Christ heals you!”

When Jesus cures her cancer, all Muslim family members accepted Jesus as the Saviour

This is a bold statement. There was no question mark, no hesitation.
And I say to you today.

If you will believe and act on God’s Word, Jesus Christ will cure you too!

Your actions and words trigger God’s power and let illness and disease be pushed out. Too often people prayed for but they don’t activate God’s power.
How do you do this?

Immediately after praying and getting your blessing, do something you couldn’t do. That’s what Aeneas did.

And it was something he could not do for a long time until Peter ordered him to get up and roll his pad. But the Bible says he did it.

Through your words, you can also activate the power of God. You can declare by faith when you receive healing, “HEALING IS MINE. I HAVE IT NOW!” When people really get the revelation of the healing power of God and they understand that Jesus Christ heals them, nobody can prevent them from receiving what is theirs!

There are numerous cases happened where the Holy Spirit helps to heal everyday people. Jesus cured so many people, not just to fulfill their physical needs, but also to open a door to talk of His great mission: salvation.

There are times when a person (or people) has prayed over a lifeless body. Despite everything we understand, this person wakes up, and their health is restored.

This is Jesus’ power alone. This mission of healing continues through his body, the Church.

With many reports of illness and devastation in our country and around the globe, it’s hard to imagine living in a restored world, but it’s possible.

Whether it’s our own or others’ healing, it is vital that we pray for healing If you want spiritual healing, please pray that Jesus will heal you because you want to serve Him more.

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