When Jesus cures her cancer, all Muslim family members accepted Jesus as the Saviour

Once my mother has recovered from breast cancer (Jesus healed her), my entire family has embraced Jesus as our Saviour.
This is the story of Fatima Haneef, a former Muslim.

It was in November 2000 that I attended the course in Quran and Bible along with my father and brother in the desert of Abu Dhabi. We all got the Holy Spirit’s light and embraced Christ as our Lord.

My dad was a drug-addicted with different bad habits and my brother took alcohol and drugs which our religion Islam prohibited.

Also, my mother was suffering from breast cancer. And I had a skin disease. There was never peace at our home.

jesus healed

As my mother was look after the sheeps, she did not attend the classes but prayed to Fr. James Manjackal.

She was completely cured of breast cancer. As the doctor wondering about her healing, I courageously told the doctor that Prophet Jesus healed her.

I never had a skin disease after I was prayed for the Holy Spirit.

My biggest joy is that my father and brother have ended every bad habits and became good people.

Now we are all following Christ as our God and praying and reading the Bible at home.

What a calm in our hearts and at our home when Jesus arrives in lives!

I see Jesus every day as a living person with whom I can tell all about my life. He even comes to console me and help me even in my small problems and difficulties.

The other day, I was suffering from intense stomach pain. Everyone told me to go to see a doctor. I told my dad to lay his hands on my stomach and to pray in Jesus’ name. I was absolutely OK with his prayer.

Last week we lost our three sheep and we were searching for them desperately. Then, I told my mother to pray to Jesus, then He would bring them. We prayed and found our sheeps without any harm.

Through our relationship with Christ, I have no words to tell about the miracles that we see every day in our lives. He alone is God, all praise and glory to Him alone.

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