India: Ishwari’s eye vision restored by Christian medical mission

Christian Medical Mission: This story is about Ishwari. She grew up in India, without father. Her mother was poor so that when Ishwari began to have trouble seeing, her mother was not in the condition to do something for Ishwari.

“I can see stuff that is close to me, but can’t see the things far away,” Ishwari said at the time.

“I took Ishwari to the eye clinic, where they told me to do eye surgery as soon as possible” her mother remembers.

“I could not afford it, though, with my small income. Also that time I was not in the condition to do something.

Christian medical mission

Ishwari had bilateral degenerative cataracts, it is a blurry region in the eye lens.

This problem of the eye may lead to blurred and less colorful vision.

If proper surgery could not be done, then, Ishwari may go blind permanently.

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Operation blessinga CBN associated donation program aimed at demonstrating the love of God by helping people in need.

They got to know about Ishwari’s eye disease. They helped them financially and gave the necessary amount for the operation to protect her vision.

Christian medical mission

From Africa to Southeast Asia, Christian medical missions speak volumes about Christ’s love.

The operation was finally successful.

She got new eyes.

“I can see both the near and far things, Ishwari says. “I want to study well, finish my education, and get a job to take care of my mother and sister.”

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“You gave me my little girl home,” her mother says in a CBN video. “I was unable to pay for her treatment. But you took my place and treated her as your own daughter.”


SOURCE: Godreports

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